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Changes Are Coming to the BendBroadband® Billing System

In order to better assist you and deliver improved customer service, we are making changes to the way our bills look, your payment options and more.

To learn more about how the changes will impact you, select a topic from the list. We’ll update this information in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back periodically and watch your email inbox–and mailbox–for more information.

You’ll soon receive a new account number. Plus, for the first time, you’ll get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will allow you to utilize our billing and payment service easily and securely.

Your new 16-digit account number will appear on your July bill and should be used when calling us with questions about service or billing. You’ll also need it if you set up an online account, which will allow access to BendBroadband email, TV Everywhere (residential customers), Internet usage, Online Bill Pay, and more.

You will receive your new four-digit PIN (also known as your Account Password) via mail in late June. Your PIN will help secure your account and prevent unauthorized changes to it. You’ll need your PIN to set up an online account, make account changes, or discuss bill charges and call detail with us. Don’t forget your PIN!

Voicemail users: Your account PIN will be different than your voicemail PIN.

Your new bill will have a simplified design. You can familiarize yourself with the new format by checking out this quick reference:

Page 1

  1. Use your account number any time you call BendBroadband or when you sign up for an online account
  2. The balance on your previous BendBroadband bill
  3. Payments made since your previous bill
  4. New charges on this bill
  5. Pay before/on this date to avoid late fees
  6. Your new total balance
  7. Send payments to this address
page 1 diagram

Page 2

  1. Payment history and carryover balance
  2. Itemized monthly charges
  3. Itemized list of calls placed from your account (not included in your call plan)
  4. Itemized pay-per-view/on-demand charges
  5. Itemized additional charges and credits
  6. Itemized local and state taxes and fees
  7. Pay before/on this date to avoid late fees
  8. New total balance
page 2 diagram

Please note: In June and July, you will receive a paper copy of your BendBroadband bill in the mail. This includes customers who may be signed up for auto-pay or who have chosen not to receive paper bills in the past. Once the conversion takes place, you can again choose to receive your bill electronically in our new Online Bill Pay system.

Your first new bill will be issued in July. It will reflect a change to your payment due date. To determine your new payment due date, look at your current BendBroadband bill and find your initial date of service. Then, use this chart:

If Your Service Date Begins on: Expect to Receive Your Bill Around the: Your New Payment Due Date Will Be:
1st–3rd of the month 26th of the month 21st of the following month
4th–6th of the month 27th of the month 22nd of the following month
7th–9th of the month 3rd of the next month 28th of the month
10th–12th of the month 5th of the next month 25 days later; the exact date varies depending on number of days in the month
13th–16th of the month 7th of the next month 2nd of the following month
17th–19th of the month 12th of the next month 7th of the following month
20th–22nd of the month 15th of the next month 10th of the following month
23rd or 24th of the month 18th of the next month 13th of the following month
25th–28th of the month 20th of the next month 15th of the following month
29th or 30th of the month 22nd of the next month 17th of the following month
31st of the month 24th of the next month 19th of the following month

Please Note: In the first month of our new billing system you may receive two bills. This is because we’re going to slightly delay the first printing of July bills. If you receive two bills, the due date for your July bill may fall after the date your August bill is issued. That means your August bill may include charges from your July bill. This is OK—you’re not getting charged twice! Simply pay the amount due for your July bill. Then, the amount of your August charges. By your September bill, things will even out.

You will continue to be billed a month in advance and have plenty of time to pay. If you review your billing and have questions, feel free to call us a 541-382-5551.

AutoPay customers, take note: Your automatic payment will be made in July on your new payment due date.

All customers will receive paper bills in June and July. Your July bill will be the first to feature the new, simplified design. It will also display your new 16-digit account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN)/Account Password.

When our new Online Bill Pay system is operating in July, you can opt out of receiving paper bills. To do so, you’ll need your new account number and PIN to re-register online.

My Email Manager

We’ve updated My Email Manager to be easier to navigate. You can still do things like manage and change your email address, modify passwords and security questions, suspend your email address, and more. You’ll just do those activities in slightly new ways.

For directions navigating the new system, click one of these helpful links:

Manage Your Account Using My Email Manager: learn how to view usernames, change passwords, reset security questions, remove users, add users.

Add a New BendBroadband User Account learn how to create an online account or add a user to your account.

Access TV Everywhere: learn how to access TV Everywhere programming with your BendBroadband online account.

Plus, you may notice a change in terminology. We’re going to start referring to your email address(es)/email account as your user name/user account. That’s because we’re broadening the scope of your email address and password. In July, that set of credentials will get you into all other components of your BendBroadband online account, including Internet Usage and Online Bill Pay.

That means, in July, you’ll no longer need to remember multiple sets of log-in credentials to get the My Account information you need! Just use your BendBroadband-provided email address (now called user name) and password.

If you don’t yet have a BendBroadband-provided email address/user name, My Email Manager will be the place where you can get one in order to set up your Online Account.

Internet Usage

The Internet Usage section of our website is changing.

A few days before our billing system conversion takes place, you’ll notice you are prompted to log in to the Internet Usage section of the web site using your BendBroadband-provided email address/username and password. (If you don’t have a BendBroadband-provided email address/username and password, you’ll need to set up an online account. To do that, click the "Sign Up" link that appears on the Log In screen.) Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the new Data Usage History page. There you can see a summary of current data usage as well as your daily usage detail. Please note: no overage charges apply for June usage, so they will not appear on your July bill.

To see your March-May 2017 usage, click the link in the paragraph at the top of the page. You’ll have to log in again (using your same login credentials) to be taken to the previous Internet usage portal.

Once you are logged in to our new Internet Usage section, click Usage Notification preferences in the menu to set up your usage notification preferences—new alert options are available, including text messages!

Good to know: up to 12 months of your data usage history will be available to you when you click the Usage History link in the menu. Your data usage history must accumulate in the new system before it’s available, however.

My Phone Report

This feature will no longer be available online. If you need details about calls you’ve made, you can contact a BendBroadband associate at 541.382.5551. If your voice plan includes access to My Phone Manager, don’t worry—this feature will still be available to you at bendbroadband.com.

BendBroadband is pleased to offer customers its new online payment system, which is powered by the MyCare portal.

If you previously used BendBroadband’s Online Bill Pay, good news: your payment information was carried over to the new system. And, if you were signed up for automatic payments, your payments will continue to be made without any action required from you.

However, if you want to make changes to your online account, your payment information, or view your current bill, you’ll need to log in to the new Online Bill Pay system. You can now do that using your user name and password for your BendBroadband Online account. (This is the same user name and password you use to log in to your BendBroadband-provided email, video on demand, or Internet Usage.)

To learn more about our new Online Bill Pay system, check out these links:

View your bill online
Pay your bill online
Set Up Autopay (automatic payments)

Don’t have a BendBroadband Online Account?

If you haven’t set up your BendBroadband Online account, no worries. Follow these directions to set one up (Note: you’ll need your new 16-digit BendBroadband account number to set up an online account. If you haven’t received it yet, call 541.382.5551 for assistance.)

  1. Visit bendbroadband.com
  2. In the My Account Menu, click Online Bill Pay.
  3. On the Secure Login screen, click the Sign Up button.

  4. Enter your first name, last name, and 16-digit account number

    Don’t have your 16-digit account number? It was mailed to you in early July and will appear on your July bill statement. If you haven’t received it yet, however, contact a BendBroadband representative at 541-382-5551 for assistance.

  5. Select Continue.
  6. Enter your 4-digit account PIN. Your account PIN was mailed to you in early June. It can also be found on your July 2017 BendBroadband bill or later.
  7. You’ll be prompted to enter your desired user name and password.

  8. Once you’ve set your user name and password, you’ll need to log in again to establish your security questions.

  9. Select your security questions, enter your answers, and then click Save. Your BendBroadband Online Account is now set up, so you can access Online Bill Pay.

No Internet Usage Monitoring in June

Due to the billing conversion, your data usage will not be tracked in June. Therefore, overage charges will not apply. Toward the end of June our new Internet Usage portal will go live; at that time daily data usage for your account may be viewable again. However, you will NOT incur overage charges for June data use.

In July, when the new billing system is in place, tracking (and overages) will resume. You’ll also be able to see up to 12 months of Internet usage history online (once usage accumulates).

Usage Notifications

Once the new billing system is operating, you’ll have the new option of receiving your Internet-usage status by text alert! Text alerts can be received in addition to, or in place of, email notifications.

Whether you choose to receive alerts by text, email, or both, you’ll automatically receive notification when you hit 90% or 100% usage. You can also elect to receive alerts at 50%, 75%, and 95%.

Nothing else about your Internet allowances will change. Your allotted usage per month and overage charges will stay the same. Once the new system is up, we'll be sure to tell you how to select the notifications you want to receive.

In July, you will have a new option for paying by phone! In addition to making payments using a credit or debit card, you can choose to pay by making an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

Same-day payments can still be made over the phone. Please note: Payments might not post to your checking account on the day of the transaction. However, your payment will be applied to your account immediately.

To pay by phone, call us at 541.382.5551. It’s free!

Residential customers, you’ll be able to order up to $250 worth of video-on-demand content each month. If you’d like to reduce your credit, give us a call at 541.382.5551.

Effective July 2, late-payment fees and international calling rates are being adjusted as follows:

  • Late payment fee is increasing from $5 to $6
  • Reconnection fee is increasing from $20 to $25 (applies to residential customers only)
  • International rates are periodically adjusted and can be found here